triogen® Products

Safe water comes naturally

In addition to filtration, swimming pools need the following treatments:

Disinfection – maintain a very low level or an absence of microorganisms and prevent cross infection between bathers.

Oxidation – reactions with organic substances, notably chloramines and trihalomethane (THM), when these combine with chlorine.

Flocculation and agglomeration of very small particles suspended in the water, which are then removed by filtration.

Logical Water ensures that customers have access to the most trusted water treatment approaches and helps to choose the technology which perfectly suits all their requirements. All the triogen® ozone, UV and AOP products offered to customers deliver these three core benefits: comfort, safety and economy.


  • Ease of use and low maintenance
  • Ability to safely reduce free chlorine level
  • Reduction of chlorine by-products,particularly THM (trihalomethane)and chloramines
  • Reduction of chlorine consumption
  • Elimination of skin and eye irritation
  • Effectiveness against chlorine- resistant microorganisms
  • Algae growth control