Moving Bed Bio-Reactor (MBBR)

MBBR is the latest technology to emerge in the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. Encompassing the benefits of activated sludge and fixed-film technologies without any of the downsides, MBBR technology offers the ideal solution in BOD & COD removal, as well as nitrification.

The MBBR system consists of an aeration tank similar to that of an activated sludge tank. Plastic carriers (media) within the MBBR encourage the biological breakdown of substrate in the influent wastewater. The media provide a protected surface area for aerobic and anaerobic bacterial communities, known as biofilm, to thrive. This additional surface area and the mixing of carriers due to the aeration system increases the contact between the biofilm and nutrients within wastewater, leading to higher levels of degradation and therefore increased productivity by the MBBR.

MBBR technology is self-maintaining, optimising levels of biofilm in response to influent wastewater. The biofilm responds to load fluctuations automatically, making MBBR an ideal solution for overloaded wastewater treatment plants. As populations numbers increase in municipalities, MBBR is a cost effective and high efficiency alternative to the building of new treatment plants.​