Binder Group gas flow measurement, gas analyzers and gas flow control equipment can found installed internationally. Binder Group has manufacturing plants in Germany and Holland.

Binder Engineering Service Companies, based in Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, China and Singapore, and a further world-wide network of distributors are highly specialised partner for local sales, distribution and support. Start-up support and local service ensure customer satisfaction.

Binder Group has decades of experience in the municipal wastewater treatment works sector and grown from this market segment. Beside the delivery of aeration control equipment Binder Group also offer control concepts for the biological treatment of sewage to optimize of the processes and reduce energy consumption.

A further focus is the treatment of sewage sludge and the biogas market, for which Binder Group has developed industry specific products to measure biogas flow and analyse the composition of the biogas according to the market requirements.

Binder offers a whole range of measuring and control instruments solutions for aeration air, biogas as well as all other process gases and gas mixtures:

    • Gas flow measurement
    • Gas analysis
    • Gas flow control
    • Gas flow calibration
    • Gas flow conditioning
    • Gas pressure control

VACOMASS® Aeration Control

The name VACOMASS® encompasses numerous components of a measurement and control system that are put together as building blocks – they can be used individually or combined to a complete system for application in wastewater treatment plants. At its most basic, it could simply be an airflow meter for aeration air, or an air control valve. As a system, it starts as a local control loop for dissolved oxygen (DO) and can expand to complex control systems combining multiple local control loops, and including variable pressure control or air distribution control, with flow simulation in the measurement and control section of the piping. The VACOMASS® system integration and the precise calibration of the air distribution systems in our CAMASS® flow calibration laboratory always ensure optimal interaction of the system components and ultimate precision and security for the control of aeration air at lowest possible operating costs.